Sealcoating Explained


If applied properly at the right time, sealcoating benefits the pavement in many ways:

Like new appearance
Sealcoating will turn a gray brittle driveway into a driveway that appears to have been newly paved. It will fill small cracks leaving a smoother dark black surface.

Slows oxidation and water penetration
Exposure to oxygen breaks down asphalt binders resulting in surface cracking. These cracks permit water to penetrate into the sub base, weakening it and reducing pavement strength. A weak foundation will cause considerable damage such as sinking, tilting, larger cracks and eventually potholes. Sealcoating will provide a protective layer from the natural elements.

Resists gas and oil spills
A proper sealcoat will protect asphalt from gas and oils that dissolve asphalt. Asphalt and oil-based sealers are petroleum-based products that have little protection from similar chemicals. Therefore, it is important to apply water-based sealers such as asphalt emulsions, acrylics or coal tar to the surface. These products are impervious to gas and oil spills.

Resists ultraviolet rays
Ultraviolet rays from the sun break the links between carbon bonds within asphalt. As bonding agents deteriorate so does the quality and appearance of your driveway. This is another cause of asphalt errosion that can be prevented with a protective layer of sealer.

Reduces the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle
Another reason why sealcoating is so important in maintaining structurally sound pavements is because of the rapid freezing and thawing effects of winter. The freeze-thaw cycle wreaks havoc on asphalt surfaces. A cold climate enhances the danger of water being caught in the pavement and freezing. As the water freezes it expands causing individual pieces of aggregate to break apart. Sealcoating reduces these affects by making the pavement much more waterproof. The jet black colour of the sealcoating raises the temperature of the pavement thus making water and ice evaporate quickly.

Easier to clean and maintain
Sealcoating fills small cracks and holes resulting in a smoother surface which makes it easier to clean or remove snow during the winter.

Increase pavement flexibility
Sealcoating achieves a deep black colour which absorbs sunlight resulting in heat. The warm surface helps to prevent water from pooling and maintains a more pliable asphalt surface. A flexable asphalt surface holds up better to heavy traffic during colder weather.

Cost effective in the long run
It is far cheaper and more asthetic to sealcoat your driveway periodically rather than replace your driveway. Sealcoating preserves asphalt for pennies per square foot.

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